The Working Girl’s Guide to Summer Make-Up Tips!

Happy Tuesday!


I live in Texas and as we all know Summer around here lasts from April well into October! What does that mean aside from pool parties, beach days, and back yard barbecues? HOT STICKY WEATHER! Unfortunately sweat is not an option in Texas we just have to deal with it and make the best out of it, therefore we glisten! Through the years I have tried different ways of saving my face from looking drenched in sweat and thanks to a few good products I have been pretty successful.

  • First things first, the way you prep your skin is key. After I shower I use cleanse my skin using Neutrogena’s Pore Refining Toner. Not only does the toner cool my skin but it also cleanses any make-up residue while tightening my pores.
  • The second thing I do is apply moisturizer. Now I have the weirdest skin so it has been hard to find a moisturizer with the perfect balance to keep my skin from getting dry yet not oily. When I was a teenager my mom introduced me to Pond’s Bio-Hydrate Hydration Cream. Just like the toner when I apply this moisturizer I feel an immediate cooling sensation on my skin and it absorbs almost immediately leaving me with a great canvas. The cool thing about this face cream is that it has cotton extract which helps our skin retain moisture keeping it from creating extra oil.
  • The other thing I cannot leave the house without is my under eye concealer and face powder. I’ve never really worn foundation other than for special occasions but in the Summer I most definitely stay away from it. To make up for not having a base on my face I had to look very long and hard for a face powder and concealer that would have great coverage yet not feel heavy. It wasn’t until I visited Alira Spa that I found Jentry Kelley Cosmetics. This is a Houston based company ran by the fabulous Jentry Kelley herself. I use the Medium Coverage Powder from Jentry’s line in Fair Blonde and the Quick Conceal Face & Eye in Pale Rose.
  • In these hot Summer months it is hard to keep our eyes looking fresh so I resort to my old faithful mascara Maybelline’s Volum’ Express The Mega Plush Waterproof Mascara. Not only does it give me long and voluminous lashes but it doesn’t melt in this Texas heat and it is great for the beach and pool.

Now that I’ve given you my tips and tricks to stay flawless this summer tell me about your tips and tricks! Send me a message, tag me on instagram, or use the hashtag #workinggirlstyleguide



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