Lush Cosmetics’ Dark Angels Review

Lush is one of my favorite beauty brands because all their products are handmade, the ingredients they use are natural and they don’t test on animals.

Today I decided to try out Lush’s Dark Angels facial cleanser in an effort to find a cleanser that will help with my very sensitive, oily, and acne prone skin. (My love for make-up doesn’t help my skin problems.) I received a sample of Dark Angels during my latest trip to Lush (Lush employees always offer you free samples when you’re checking out).

Dark Angels claims to help alleviate excess oil and acne while leaving the skin feeling fresh and matte. This is great for me because I have very oily skin and regardless of what moisturizer, primer, or setting spray/powder I use I always end up with a shiny face within a couple of hours of applying my make-up.

Dark Angels is very easy to use and so gentle on the skin. I used a dime size amount and added a few drops of water to turn the cleanser into a paste that I could apply to my face, you apply Dark Angels just like you would any other facial cleanser. I started scrubbing my face in a circular motion and then let the cleanser dry and sit on my face for about 8 minutes. The cleanser dried on my skin and at that moment I splashed some warm water on my face to remove it. The cleanser was very easy to remove and did not stain my skin despite it being black.

Once I removed the cleanser my skin felt fresh and clean. I had a couple of breakouts on my skin and was very concerned about Dark Angels being too harsh and breaking the skin but it didn’t.

I love finding and trying out facial cleansers and most importantly I love finding cleansers that work. Dark Angels is a black sugar and charcoal based cleanser, these ingredients help draw out the excess oil that our skin holds while acting as a gentle exfoliator.

I would completely recommend that if you have problematic skin like I do you try Dark Angels, trust me there’s a reason why it maintains it’s spot as one of Lush’s most popular products.

Dark Angels comes in two different sizes and starts at only $13.95. It is great to exfoliate the entire body not just the skin which makes this product a great investment!


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