I’m Back!

This weekend I did something totally out of my comfort zone and volunteered to be a make-up model for a local artist’s make-up school. Truth be told I was a little self-conscious to for starters show up to a make-up school without make-up *YIKES* and secondly to have someone else other than my trusted make-up artists play with my face. I must say. I am so totally glad I did it.

Occasionally it’s nice to have some time to yourself and away from the chaos of everyday life. It is extra nice to have someone glam you up and make you feel like the best version of yourself!

I really enjoyed the whole process. From volunteering via a Facebook post, to picking an outfit, all the way to the moment I arrive and was greeted by the welcoming sound of dance music and girl talk.

The make-up studio was Benni’s Make-Up Studio located at 2500 Summer Street. When I walked in the studio was lined with the most perfect vanities, lights, and make-up chairs. There was so much glam going on that you would have never known that this was just a Sunday afternoon, you could almost mistake this for a photo shoot of some sort. Benni was so nice and welcoming, he asked me to take a seat while he gave the ladies some tips on make-up application. From the little I saw it was totally obvious that he is a great instructor and amazing artist.

Photo by Bennibeuty via Instagram

One by one Benni began instructing his students to start prepping their stations and then picking their models, and so I went with my artist. At first I was super nervous mostly because I am super shy and sometimes due to my shyness come off as a B…. On this day, I told myself that I would try to break out of my shell since I had already done so by volunteering to come in.


The first thing my artist asked was if I had a certain look in mind. TBH I was so nervous that I just told her to do whatever she wanted, at the end of the day I was breaking out of shell, right? My artist was so sweet and pulled a bunch of amazing looks on her phone, I picked something in my comfort zone a bronzy natural look. I wish I would have picked something bolder now that I think of it but this whole breaking out of my shell sort of thing was only going to go so far in one day.

My artist began prepping my skin and I must say it felt so nice to have someone correctly prep your face. Then she proceeded to applying concealer, foundation, contouring my face, and setting it. When she got to the eyes I was super excited for her to use Colour Pop’s Nillionare, a shimery bronze shade that looks perfect for a night out on the town or a trip to Walmart for some grocery shopping like I did J. When she was done with my eyes she applied my favorite lashes Ardell #163 They were so naturally wispy and really made the shadow work pop.


Next up were my brows. This was when I was sort of really freaking out. You see I have the lightest most annoying brows in the world. They’re there I totally promise but they grow the lightest shade of black/brown I have ever seen. My brows are the one thing I will not leave the house without, when I do people ask if I’m sick…grrrr. My artist brought Benni in and he arched my brow so quickly that I was amazed. It turned out so great and then my artist went ahead and did the next brow. She did such an amazing job and I felt so glam and fabulous for the rest of the day!

You may ask why I chose to share this as my first blog back into action. Well over the last year or so I have doubted myself many times. From my career, to my looks, and all the way to my life. So far 2017 has taught me one thing, you take chances or chances take you. Who cares what anyone thinks. We all must reach for some sort of goal before achieving it. These artists have dreams and giving them the opportunity to practice on your face helps them become better at their craft. What they did for me also helped me become better at my craft. I totally suck at socializing but in my field, it’s expected. I just like my artist decided to take a chance on each other, she did the face of a total stranger without knowing the type of person she was going to get in her chair. I on the other hand walked into a room where I knew no one yet walked out of there confident and ready to take on the world.

xoxo, Anais

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