The Working Girl’s Style Guide to Halloween Costumes


It’s that time of year when kids are super excited about candy and costumes! For some of us the excitement lies in our costumes!

I don’t know about anyone else but I love Halloween, but I don’t like spending a ton of  money on a costume I will probably use once. My best friend and I came up with a system we recycle each other’s costumes when we actually buy costumes or we make our own only buying necessary accessories! The main thing about dressing up for Halloween is that you should let your imagination run wild and make it your own, take on that character and mash it up with your own personal style.

Sometimes we need a little help so it is totally fine to turn to costume shops. Here are my top costume shops both online and in store.


  1. Halloween Express: You can shop this store both online and in person! They have a great service where you can make your purchases online yet pick them up in-store (pending availability of course). They also have great deals going on year round!
  2. Spirit Halloween: This is another one of my favorite costume shops. They always have great variety and good quality costumes. Also if you sign up for their mailing list on top of sending you awesome promotions they will give you a 20% off coupon on any one item!
  3. Sammy Dress: Aside from having awesome  deals on everyday clothes, they also have a section for costumes. If you are looking for something a little more revealing this is the site for you!
  4. Spencer’s: This is a really cool store that sometimes has costumes that are hard to find, plus it always features different takes on popular costumes. My favorite right now are the super hero rompers, comfy and sexy!
  5. Hot Topic: Now this is a total go to store for every Halloween fanatic! They always have awesome deals not only on their merchandise but also on shipping! The coolest thing is that they have t-shirts for both guys and girls that are perfect for that person who isn’t all about dressing up but still wants to partake in the fun!
  6. Party City: I love shopping here during Halloween because it is always so organized even amongst the chaos of October 30th! They always have a lot of staff helping you out and they keep their inventory organized by theme!
  7. Arne’s and Party Boy: These two are local party supply stores who distinguish themselves during Halloween as being the go-to costume shops in Houston! Arne’s has everything and anything you can imagine to create an awesome costume for both you and your pets. Party Boy though similar to Party City specializes on renting theatre quality costumes as well as selling other great costumes.



I hope you have spooky Halloween and enjoy dressing up, I know I will!

xoxo, Anais

Instagram: @anaisazamora
Twitter: @workinggirlstyl


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