The Working Girl’s Style Guide to Houston Hair and Make-Up Professional’s

A few week’s ago I asked you guys for who you think is Houston’s best Hair and Make-Up professionals. I received a lot of feedback and compiled a list along with some information on these amazing beauty pros. These professional’s are the ones whose work truly impressed me. While some are seasoned vets others are up and coming but don’t let that fool you the talent really is up to par across the board. Enjoy!

  • I’ll start with my longtime friend Jacky Madrid. She is a graduate of Paul Mitchell and worked in an upscale salon in Spring for many years. Since she has opened up her own salon in the heights The Color Bar where she creates the most beautiful and well blended hair colors I’ve seen. When it comes to color that is natural looking and beautiful this is your stylist. For more on Jacky’s work follow her on Instagram @hairby.jaclynnicole and on Facebook

The Color Bar

  •  Next up is a seasoned veteran in the beauty industry who has been working on my hair and face since I was 15 years old. He has done my hair and make-up for every special occasion in my life. I am of course talking about Luis Enriquez! He is an amazing colorist and stylist. He has taken my hair from long to short, red to blonde, and everything in between. My favorite thing about Luis is that he is an all in one package. He does hair and make-up making him perfect for special occasions and he specializes in on-site glam sessions. If you are looking for someone who will get and understand what look you want to create he is the perfect match for you! He is currently located in the Willowbrook area and takes appointments only, that is how good he is! Go like his Facebook page and follow his work, you totally won’t be disappointed! Facebook:


  • This next lady is a life saver. To make the long story short as to how I met her, the night before my bridal shower I had no one to do my make-up so one of my bridesmaids knew her and she did an amazing job even though we gave her only a few hours worth of notice. Ms. Denise Arroyo creates fabulous looks, from total glam to natural simplicity. I literally just showed her a picture of what I wanted my face to look like and she went to town and nailed it! She is also very knowledgeable when it comes to different make-up lines and how they work with different skin types. I never felt like my face had been caked on and I looked like myself which is something I always strive for. Follow her Instagram page and keep up with her world of beauty! @denisearr


  • When it comes to a total all in one package Any Gozalez is it! Are you looking for a make-up artist, hair stylist, and fashion stylist? This is your girl! She has a great sense of who she is and it really reflects in her personal style. I love to dress myself but I’d let her dress me any day! I am lucky to call her a fellow UH Coog and fashion blogger. She has a YouTube channel that is full of awesome tips, tricks, and so much more. Follow her on Instagram @agc_styles and make sure to check out her YouTube channel!Any
  • Kim Ventura is an amazing and talented your make-up artists. Don’t let her age fool you, her skills are superb and she has learned a lot in a very short time. She is currently away at college where she continues to create amazing looks for her fellow dance team members as well as herself. She also has an awesome YouTube channel where she uploads easy to follow looks that are simply flawless. Keep up with Kim on Instagram! @kim_venturaaa


  • Dagmar Rios is a seasoned vet in the make-up industry. She is Houston’s premier performance make-up artist. She has painted the faces of a lot of Houston dancers, myself included. Her looks set you apart from the crowd while keeping is cool. Check her out on Instagram and on Facebook where she constantly posts new looks and new projects. @dagmarpr


  • Houston Glam Girls is the answer to all of our prayers! I heard about them this past weekend when my best friend told me she hired them for a special event and they delivered amazing customer service and a fabulous and glamorous look! They specialize in bringing glam sessions to you no matter where from home to the office. Check them out on Instagram! @houston.glam.girls


I hope you find that these are amazing professionals who put out just as amazing work! I know I haven’t gotten to all the awesome hair and make-up artists in the city and this only reflects my personal favorites but let me know who your go-to hair and make-up artists are and why!

xoxo, Anais

Instagram: @anaisazamora

Twitter: @workinggirlstyl




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