The Working Girl’s Style Guide to Fall/Winter Nail Colors

You can almost feel the crispness in the air as the seasons begin to turn from Summer to Fall. As the leaves begin to change colors so do our nail colors. We may have a few weeks left of wearing those bright and vibrant summer oranges and pinks but soon we will transition to burgundy, grey, nude, and midnight blue.

I don’t know about you ladies but I have the hardest time deciding on a nail color when I go in to get my nails done. Lately due to my lack of decisiveness I choose either a French tip or some variation of my go to pink color. This decision making gets even harder in the Fall because I love dark colors and I love how chic they make anything you wear look.

In an effort to minimize your decision making time here are my top nail color picks for Fall 2015!

Demure Vixen by Essie: This color is the perfect neutral for transitioning from Summer to Fall. If you aren’t quite ready for the dark colors and want to keep it on the light side this is the color for you.

3French Quarter For your Thoughts by OPI: In case you want to go to the dark side but aren’t quite ready to completely crossover greys are great colors to test the waters with. This color is edgy yet classy.


Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI: So now you are totally ready to take that leap of faith and cross to the dark side or you’re a red polish kind of gal who wants to try something a little more edgy, this is the color for you my dear! 9My Private Jet by OPI: Who said dark has to be dull? This color is simply gorgeous with all it’s sparkle and shine you will never want the season to be over!

2Ski Teal We Drop by OPI: This beautiful polish is anything but a boring teal color. I love how it pops yet it maintains a classic look. It is a beautiful take on the winter blues!

10Going Incognito by Essie: What better color than this beautiful emerald green to remind you of gorgeous pine trees you were just skiing by. Everyone will be green with envy when they see this amazing color on your nails! 1Bobbing for Baubles by Essie: This is a great winter color. It’s lighter thank regular black nail polish but just a tad it more chic than any old grey or blue.

7Smokin’ Hot by Essie: Talk about an edgy take on lavender! This color is the bridge between neutral and dark tones. It is such a demure color that it needs nothing else for it to be hot!

11This just about rounds out my favorite Fall/Winter nail colors. Of course there are many more beautiful colors out there as well as brands but these are my personal picks for their quality. What other brands do you use and what are your go to colors?

xoxo, Anais

Instagram: @anaisazamora

Twitter: @workinggirlstyl





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