The Working Girl’s Style Guide to Office Wear

Stop and think for a second…most of us spend more of our time in the office than we do anywhere else. It is no wonder why work wear has evolved so much. There are so many styles and patterns to a basic woman’s suit that it is now possible to mix and match with other pieces and wear outside of the office. No matter your personal style when it comes to office life we can all agree on one thing; our clothes give us status, respect, and power. Here are a few outfits that every professional woman should have in their closet at all times.

  1. The Women’s Suit -The Jacket, Blouse, & Trousers: This is an office staple that you can separate and put together with other pieces therefore giving you more options. This is a classic, not only will you look very well put together but it is a timeless look that can be worn at any age and in every season giving you a bigger bang for your buck. Though these days you can find this combination in many colors and patterns I suggest starting with a fun yet neutral tone as is the case of the navy blue suit below. Blouses are an easy way to update a women’s suit, this is where your personality should shine through, but remember always keep it professional.a
  2. The Full Skirt and Blouse: Not only has the full skirt made a comeback on the runway but it has also found its way back to the workplace. By far this has to be the most comfortable skirt silhouette. It allows you to move freely without feeling constrained while accentuating your waist. Again your blouse is where you can choose to set the mood of your outfit. I suggest that if you are wearing a printed skirt you opt for a solid color blouse and if the skirt is a solid color then opt for a printed blouse. The versatility of the full skirt even extends to your shoes, you can wear pumps, flats, and even sandals. b
  3. The Button Down and the Pencil Skirt: The pencil skirt has long been a stable in the office. It shows off a woman’s femininity and confidence. Fit is key to wearing a pencil skirt. Since not all are made equal you need to find a cut that will accentuate you the most while remaining comfortable. Pencil Skirts have now transformed into midi skirts which are perfectly acceptable for the office. The pencil skirt transitions very well between a day at the office and a night out on the town. The button down shirt is another office staple that is as old as time. A good button down shirt can make any woman feel elegant and in power. Always opt for a crisp fabric when in the office, you can use cuter more delicate fabrics for a night out but because your office wear also works you should stick to a fabric that will last. c

    xoxo, Anais

    Instagram: @anaisazamora

    Twitter: @workinggirlstyl




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