The Working Girl’s Style Guide to Vacation Wear


With Labor Day weekend right around the corner some of us are taking late summer vacations. The most popular destinations are definitely beaches. Regardless of where you choose to get some rest and relaxation there is always one need on these vacations and that is of course fabulous outfits. On short vacations we pack light and only essentials. I don’t know about any of you but for me this never happens unless it’s a weekend getaway.

Here is how my packing goes…I start at least a week prior to the departure date and I take a good hard look at my closet and itinerary. I ask myself questions such as: Where are we going to dinner? Will it rain? How many bathing suits do I need? Will we be doing any outdoor activities? What if this dress gets ruined?…and so as you would expect I end up over packing.

This starting costing me money in extra baggage fees so I decided to give myself a rule. If you are traveling for 3 or less days you need to fit everything in a carry-on if it’s 3 or more days you are allowed to take your big bag but pack light. I also learned to pack at least a few essentials in my purse (which is a huge tote) I try and fit a pair of walking shoes a scarf or sweater some extra undies and some socks along with my essential make-up.

20Another thing I do is create outfits that will go with one pair of shoes. I have a lot of wedges and those are my preferred shoe when traveling somewhere that’s beachy. However if I pack 2 pairs of wedges my luggage is significantly heavier so I choose one pair that will go with at least 2 outfits. I do the same with sandals except here I give myself 2 pairs but I sort of cheat and wear a pair or stuff it in my purse. If I know I will be doing some sort of outdoor activity such as hiking or running I pack one pair of running sneakers, I usually pick my lightest pair and just a few active clothes that could double as sleepwear or lounge wear.

When it comes to dresses I pack things that are not too formal or too casual. I like them to be somewhere in between so that if I change my mind last minute I have more options. I also do not pack the most expensive dress in my closet. Things tend to get lost or ruined during vacations so I leave my really nice stuff at home. The same goes for tops and bottoms such as shorts and skits.

Here is another little cheat tip, think about packing rompers or jumpsuits. They come in all kinds of fabrics and are perfect for many occasions depending on how you accessorize them. They are easy to dress up and dress down.

17Bathing suits are tricky because sometimes we treat them as our children and cannot do without one or the other. Here is what I do, I take a hard look at my itinerary and allow myself no more than 5 and if any of them are 1 pieces I contemplate wearing them as tops as well. Cover ups for me are usually scarves that I use as sarongs. I do own real cover ups but again think about using them as tops or dresses as well.

Your accessories are very important, they can help you keep your clothes load light. I pack them separately and don’t ever over pack. I tend to wear variations of them so that I don’t pack them in vain. I also choose my bag for the trip and pack it versus taking it with me on the plane or in the car. I really like the versatility of cross over bags and how they can be totally casual or totally fancy.

I hope everyone has an amazing time wherever they are off to enjoy the last bit of summer!


xoxo, Anais

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Twitter: @workinggirlstyl




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