The Working Girl’s Guide to a Grown Up Wardrobe

As we grow up we leave a lot of things behind and our tastes evolve. The same thing happens with out fashion sense as we grow older. When I look back at what I dressed like I high school and compare it to how I dress no I can see why I’ve changed as much as I have changed in terms of fashion. In high school I was the typical preppy girl. I wore headbands, bows, and pearls. In college I became a little bit more urban and did a lot of boots, jeans, and flowy dresses. During my junior and senior year of college I began to evolve once more into creating a very elegant yet casual everyday look. I started to figure out what looked food on my body type and what didn’t work. I also evolved in terms of accessorizing and began to pay more attention to quality over quantity. These days I still find myself evolving my wardrobe. You will rarely if ever see me buying outfits specifically to go out to the club, now I buy pieces that can be used for both work and play. The more use I can get out of a piece the better.

I also find myself thinking about comfort a lot more than just plain looking cute. I use to be able to wear 5 inch heals to a club and walk out of the club as if my feet never hurt. These days I look for shoes that are not only comfortable but also multifunctional. I won’t lie I do still have some of those crazy high heels but I wear them on very seldom occasions. The following steps are a starting point to evolving your wardrobe.

  • Figure out what works for you. This simply means if you need to get to know yourself and your lifestyle. Stop for a moment and think about what your work environment is like. Is it super stuffy corporate or is it more creative and laid back? Then also think about what you do after work. If you go to happy hour then maybe you want to be corporate on the outside but party on the inside. An easy way to achieve this look is by paring fun colors or prints with neutral tones. Don’t forget about your hair and make-up. I always carry hair ties and bobby pins in my purse plus a small make-up kit. Changing up your hair and lip color can take you from the office to happy hour with ease.


  • Build up your accessory closet. Anything from jewelry, shoes, belts, scarves, and bags can totally take your outfits to another level. Stay away from things with cartoons on them or screen printed words. Stick to classic things and then build up your own twists. When it comes to shoes and bags make sure you have the basics (Nudes, browns and blacks) before moving on the more fun stuff. Pass on the mood rings and friendship necklaces to your younger siblings or kids. It is time to do without them.


  • Make sure things fit properly. Sometimes we find a really cure pair of pants but they are a size too small and we buy them either way because someday we will fit into them. You shouldn’t alter yourself to get clothes to fit properly, try going to a tailor or asking if the store can provide that service. Also find silhouettes that work with your body type. I for example cannot wear extremely baggy clothes or I begin to look like a blob and about 10 pounds heavier. I know I have gifts both up top and bottom that I need to make sure fit properly and never look indiscrete.


  • Do not forget who you are! If you are indeed a preppy girl at heart then be her but be the grown up version of her. The same thing goes if you are a hipster, goth, polished, designer obsessed girl. You can be yourself and still look like a grown up. You don’t always have to look like you are playing dress up.

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  • Suit separates do not have to be boring. Color and print are great ways to spruce up suit separates. Look for pieces with classic cuts in colors and styles that reflect your personality.


I hope these tips to building your grown up wardrobe help. Remember we are who we are an I believe that our clothes should always reflect that. We evolve as persons and so should out clothes.

xoxo, Anais

Instagram: @anaisazamora

Twitter: @workinggirlstyl




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