The Working Girl’s Guide to Bargain Shopping


Happy Thursday!

For those of you in the Houston area I hope you are staying dry and safe out on those wet roads.

As the summer comes to a close we bid it good bye in the best way we can. What might that be you ask? Why bargain shopping of course!

If there is one thing that gives me a high it is finding a great deal! I will never forget being about 12 years old and going to Macy’s with my mom when the cashier helping us asked her “Do you have any coupons?” when my mom said she didn’t have any coupons the older gentleman said something along these lines “For the past 50 years Macy’s has always had coupons in the newspaper!” Of course the cashier had a coupon at his station and very kindly let my mom use it but this experience lit something up in me.

In this day and age it is extremely easy to come across coupons. Of course retailers still resort to old fashion methods such as printing coupons on the newspaper, sending catalogs with tons of coupons directly to your home, but most importantly they now e-mail them quite literally to the palm of your hand.

If I know I am going to be hitting the mall I always make sure that I have all the coupons I can find either saved in my phone or printed.

Here are some great deals that I constantly use:

  • JC Penny has a very cool system that texts you coupon codes and/or upcoming sales. My favorite coupon to get from them is one where you get $10 off $25+ spent. Now As I am a great shopper I separate my purchases into different transactions none adding up to more than $25 and then I politely ask the cashier if they are able to do different transactions. Sometimes it works and they do all the transactions at the same register but other times you have to go to different registers in order to complete your purchases. The cool thing about most of JC Penny’s coupons is that for the most part they will let you use it as many times as you want. JC Penny also carries a lot of great quality brands therefore their sale and clearance sections are always fully stocked. This is a great place to start your shopping because you find great pieces for sometimes up to 70% off.
  • Macy’s is another place that I like to shop at because of their great deals and coupons. If you walk into any Macy’s on the face of this planet you will always find racks upon racks of shoes that are on clearance. You can find anything from Michael Kors, Nine West, Steve Madden, to Badgley Mishka. The same goes for their handbags; Michael Kors, Furla, Coach, Juicy Couture, and Kate Spade to name a few. This pretty much applies to the whole store. From clothes to jewelry and watches. Before checking out always make sure to check online for any price discrepancies. I have found that sometimes things are cheaper online than in store so I let the cashier know and show them the web price on my phone and they match the price. They have the ability to look it up on their machines as well so keep that in mind. Also don’t forget your coupons Macy’s ALWAYS has coupons.
  • Dillard’s is a tricky store to shop at, simply because they don’t advertise their sales or have coupons. If you walk into a Dillard’s store you can find deals but this is where you need to bring your patience and expect to look through a lot of things. This is my favorite place to get shoes at because once a season they have a shoe sale and if you wait just enough time you can get amazing shoes for under $50.
  • My other go to places for bargain shopping are Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross. The things in these stores are already deeply discounted but have no fear because they can still be discounted a bit more when they hit the clearance racks. Nordstrom Rack has a “Take an extra 20% sale off Clearance” right around the time Nordstrom has it’s “Half yearly Sale” A lot of the things that do not sale at Nordstrom will get sent to Nordstrom Rack stores. In the case of Marshalls and TJ Maxx, they too have clearance racks where if you are lucky can find labels such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Diane Von Furstenberg. Ross on the other hand has an interesting mix of cheap looking clothes and name brands. At Ross you might have to do a little digging before finding any treasure but when you do, it feels oh so good.

I hope these small tips help keep some of your pretty pennies in your pocket. If you have any other tips for saving your hard earned cash when shopping feel free to let me know.

xoxo, Anais

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