The Working Girls’ Guide to Rainy Weather Fashion


Happy Wednesday!

Well if you are in the Houston metro area and you look out your window chances are you are seeing some pretty heavy rain. It is extremely hard to look absolutely fabulous while fighting the elements, especially in a city as humid as Houston. For this reason I decided to make today’s guide all about looking fabulous even when the weather isn’t.

My first tip to you is ALWAYS check the forecast. Sometimes it may be a little off but for the most part this will at least give you an idea of what the weather may be like. Remember that the weather does play a huge part in you’re outfit choices. It may be a great idea for you to make this a habit and either check the weather on the same day as you plan you week’s outfits or the night before just to make sure nothing has changes.

My second tip is to ALWAYS carry an umbrella in your car. You never know when you are going to need it, sometimes storms just come out of nowhere and it is always good to know that you have something to keep you dry. You can always take it a step further and keep a small umbrella in your purse.

With the rain sometimes come temperature changes, and this is where my third tip will come in handy. Invest in either a water proof trench coat or a water proof wind breaker. This can be something very simple or something that you can also use as a statement piece in the colder months.

When we think of rain of course we cannot forget about rain boots. Of course these are not the cutest things in the world to adorn your feet with but it may save your shoes from getting soaked. I myself do not own a pair of rain boots but if you live in a city that has constant rain such as Seattle then maybe this is a good investment. Once you reach your destination you can always pull your shoes out of your bag and change into them when you are safely indoors.

My last tip is to know your skin and hair. Sometimes our hair and skin react to the weather. For me it is mostly my hair getting frizzy and kind of crazy. So if I know that it is going to rain and be muggy outside then I know that I need to either pull my hair up or go to town with anti frizz mist if I choose to leave it down.

I hope these tips help you all stay not only dry but also fabulous!

xoxo, Anais

Instagram: @anaisazamora

Twitter: @workinggirlstyl




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