The Working Girl’s Guide to Jewlery Shopping

Happy Thursday!

Just like almost every woman on the face of the planet I love jewelry! Any type of jewelry at that. I own a few fine pieces and tons of fashion/costume pieces. The fact is that jewelry is a simple and subtle way of making a statement. Let’s stop and think for a second, what is the most recognizable thing about royalty? Why their jewels of course! That’s the thing about jewelry, it can make any outfit a regal one.


So how do you decide what to invest your money on? Well that is a tricky question, it depends who you ask really. There are those who have to wear fine jewelry at all times and then there are those who find beauty in anything that sparkles. I am somewhere in between, I like the fancy and expensive stuff that I’ve gotten as gifts but I much rather wear less expensive pieces on a daily basis.


  • To start off you need to find your personal style. Jewelry is a great way to express that style whether it is preppy, edgy, or fun and flirty.
  • Once you have defined your personal style buy what you gravitate towards. Some like to wear simple and dainty jewelry while others like the bold and statement jewelry.
  • Now that you have defined your style and preferences it is time to set a budget. Here is a good rule of thumb if you are buying something for everyday wear you may want to invest a little bit more in quality rather than quantity. Now if you are looking for a piece that will complete your costume for Halloween than I think it is safe to say that quality really isn’t that big of a factor because chances are you may only wear it a handful of times.
  • Great! Now you have made all these decisions but the biggest decision of all is what are you going to wear your new pieces with? Before you buy a piece ask yourself, what do I currently have in my closet that will go well with my new earrings?
  • Recognize a deal when you see one! This is my favorite because I love getting stuff that was super expensive for a great price! Do your research and find out whether the store has a sale or if there is a clearance section. This may sometimes require a bit of a treasure hunt but at the end of the day there is not better feeling than going home with 3 different pieces for the regular price of one.
  • Mix and Match your expensive pieces with some costume jewelry. I do this all the time  with bracelets and dainty necklaces. I find that this makes for an interesting and unique look.
  • Last but not least buy and wear what makes your little heart happy! Just remember to be true to your personal style!

Here are some of my personal favorite places to get jewelry from.


As always I hope you find these tips useful. Tell me about your favorite jewelry pieces and how you wear them!

xoxo, Anais

Instagram: @anaisazamora

Twitter: @workinggirlstyl




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