The Working Girl’s Guide to Fall 2015 Shoe Trends (and trends that need to stay in the Summer)

Hello fellow style lovers!

We are halfway through the work week and what better way to push through the last few days before the weekend than talking about my one and only addiction SHOES! Shoes are so important in my life that my shoe collection has its own closet at my house (needles to say my husband isn’t very happy about that).

As the fall nears and the leaves begin to fall (not the case in Texas, we will have heat until Thanksgiving!) it is time to take a look at our shoes and asses what needs to go and what can stay to make room for these fabulous new Fall trends!

This summer we have seen some trends resurface from decades past and have also seen other trends become classic summer staples.

  • The one shoe trend that needs to stay in Summer 2015 and never come back is the chunky platform. This trend seems to keep resurfacing from the 70s disco era to the 90s Spice Girl era. Shoes are supposed to make your feet and legs look beautiful, needless to say this style doesn’t do either or. There are plenty of cute comfortable shoes out there these do not need to be one.


  • The next Summer 2015 shoe trend that has sort of become a staple in the summer months is the gladiator trend. I am personally not a big fan of it but I have to say that it has grown on me, especially when it is done right. What I get from seeing someone in gladiator sandals is that they feel empowered and that is what any good shoe should do. But remember that you are not attending a costume party when wearing this trend. Keep it simple and make your gladiator shoe the staple of your look.


  • Now it is time to move on to Fall 2015. Now I’m a big boot fan therefore this is my favorite season. Something I see happening is taking that gladiator trend and making it a little bit darker and edgier to create the leather and lace trend. This leather and lace trend will have us walking with a tough girl attitude and a whole lot of attitude.LL
  • Cutout Booties are also going to be big this fall. Reason being? You can wear them with anything! These will be a great transition shoe style that will take you into the cold winter months without having to sacrifice style. You can wear these to work, school, and out and about. Aside from being super chic they are also very comfortable and will let your feet breath a little rather than being crammed into boots all fall/winter.


What shoe trends do you love or hate for the fall? Tell me about them! Send me a message, tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #workinggirlstyleguide



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