The Working Girl’s Guide to Styling Tips for a Week in Outfits

Happy Monday!

We all know the struggle it is to wake up on Monday morning without a clue of what to wear to work or school. I sometimes find myself in this bind (especially when I procrastinate) but it seriously started stressing me out so I started following these 5 styling tips to make Monday mornings more bearable. Enjoy!

Tip #1 Sunday Laundry Day

  • I find that doing my laundry on a Sunday helps me have an idea of what options I have for the week. This really helps when it comes to basic items such as white blouses, dark trousers, and even undergarments. I know most people like to make their Sundays a lazy day but trust me if you dedicate an hour to washing and drying your basics life will be so much easier than waking up on Monday and throwing on an outfit that you don’t really like. Golden Tip: Take care of your basics. I love wearing my blue trouser pants therefore I always make sure to only wash them with cold water and hang them as soon as I get them out of the dryer.

Tip #2 Plan Plan Ahead

  • Though it may sound tedious and a little silly it’s a great and very practical idea to plan your entire outfits on Sundays. This is a good way to make sure that if you really want to wear your black knee length skirt on Wednesday it is ready to go and you don’t have dive into your closet to look for it while you are trying to rush out the door. Golden Tip: Plan EVERYTHING! This includes your accessories and undergarments. This ensures that if for example you want to wear a white dress you have nude undergarments clean and ready for wear. Don’t forget your accessories! Jewelry, shoes, bags, scarves, etc. Remember that accessories are a great way to may your outfit unique.

Tip #3 Select a Color Palette for the Week

  • I hadn’t realized that I unconsciously do this but apparently I do. As you will soon find out I love the color blue, black, and grey. However sometimes I forget that I have other beautiful clothing that deserves to be shown off. I try to pick a different color scheme for my week’s outfits so that I am not always wearing the same thing. Golden Tip: Pick color schemes that fit the season. Bright colors such as red, orange, yellow are great for spring/summer and Cool colors such as tan, blue, and grey are great fall/winter colors.

Tip #4 Don’t Forget Your Face

  • Make-Up is a wonderful way to pull a whole outfit together. I know some people aren’t big fans of putting a whole face on the daily, trust me neither am I but each one of us knows what works for our face. I suggest developing a make-up routine that takes you no longer than 15-20minutes. Mine for example consists of concealer, face powder, blush, brow liner, a light eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Golden Tip: It is a good idea to invest in make-up palettes. I own a few eye shadow palettes and a blush palette and I literally use them every day.

Tip #5 Keep your Closet Organized

  • I am not the best at this but I really do try. I color code everything to make it easier when looking for a certain color. For the most part I know what I have but it is so much nicer to see all my options for a black top than to keep wearing the same black top over and over. Again this is a great way to keep yourself from wearing the same thing week after week. Golden Tip: Make some room in your closet for your pre-planned outfits that way you can just grab and go.

I hope these tips help keep your sanity on those dreadful Monday mornings and encourage you to start being your own personal stylist. If you guys would like specific tips comment below or shoot me an e-mail at

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This is how I lay out my week in outfits. Notice how my color palette for the week is corals, reds, pinks, and tan.
This is how I lay out my week in outfits. Notice how my color palette for the week is corals, reds, pinks, and tan.

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